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A career in Law- By definition, a law is an official rule of a country or state that states what people may and may not do.

By definition, a law is an official rule of a country or state that states what people may and may not do. The law is a central idea in any society. Different societies and cultures have different ways of developing laws. Many students show great interest in the legal profession after graduating from high school or even during their high school years. This is because of the compensation that this field brings. A career in law can be quite demanding at times, but it offers lucrative employment opportunities in various industries. Thereby, making it financially rewarding. This profession is prestigious, respectful, and very diverse. In our legal system, there are numerous people involved in resolving a case, including judges, legal counsel, paralegals, legal advisors, and not just lawyers. 

The aspirations of a person thinking about building a career in law in India can reach as high as being the attorney general of a country or being a law minister. 

How is the law different from other subjects?

The law is a multidisciplinary profession. While a career in law does require specific knowledge of finance and science in some cases, it is not comparable to science. In science, management, and business, the definitions and observations are consistent and stable. In law, we find hundreds of concepts that can be right or wrong at the same time. As mentioned earlier, the law is multidisciplinary and best deals with the different facets of society, which is why it is constantly evolving, and its concepts and principles change and develop according to society. As Roscoe Pound has rightly said, “Law is experience developed by reason and continually applied to further experience.”

A day without the law:

A society without laws and a government would by definition be anarchy. Anarchy is a state of disorder due to the lack of recognition of an authority figure. Laws are necessary to protect individuals from abusing their power. If there is no law to keep people from abusing their power, society will collapse. The law is there to protect the weak and vulnerable from people with an evil mentality. The law is there so that we can live with dignity. Hence, those thinking about having a sound career in law will never be able to achieve their aspirations as there will be no law and order. 

If there is no law and order in society, the heinous crimes– murder, kidnapping, theft, honor killing, and harassment would be so common and soon there will be a normalization of tyranny. 

In the case of theft, for example, we are compensated for what we have lost. The law is there to punish the culprits who have stolen our property.

If there is no law, people can never expect to get the justice they deserve, and all those guilty will be free to exploit more and more.

The Importance of the Law:

A person thinking about having a career in law should know that law is a social necessity and an integral part of human society. Law as an academic discipline deals with concepts and principles as well as the rules and their implementation. The law deals with society, the state, and with international relations. If there is no law and governmental power in a society, then there is a strict dictatorship in the society. Law governs society, and it gives it meaning. It is quite clear that without the law, society sinks into chaos and disorder. There is no scope for improvement in society if there is no law. 

The main purpose of the law is to “maintain peace and order in society.” 

Why is the career in law gaining so much attraction?

Due to the reputation, it brings in society, more and more people are becoming interested in law as a career. Increasing the law and order in the society makes the young lawyers more reputed and provides them with recognition and a reputed name. The field comes with a lot of opportunities for the aspirants. A young lawyer can establish his or her law practice, practice in the court, engage in research, give judicial services examinations, and ultimately become a judge of any court. 

This sector brings multiple opportunities to the one pursuing a career in law as the jobs are not limited to the legal industry only. 

Why should one go for a career in law?

Here is a list of reasons why one should consider going for a career in law 

  • The Career Opportunities Are Diverse: 

One of the features that set law away from many other fields of study is the diversity of choices it offers. Additionally, legal education would serve as a strong foundation for careers in journalism, civil service, foreign service, etc. An LLB graduate has a wide range of options, from litigants in lower courts to senior judges in the Supreme Court, as well as the wide world of corporate law firms.

  • Various Practice Areas:

One of the remarkable features of this profession is that it is not restricted to a single work environment. Several dimensions such as civil law, criminal law, human rights law, and so forth, can be explored within litigation. In addition, there will be a parallel court system in the form of arbitration and mediation. Additionally, there are several socially relevant spaces such as environmental law, Lok Adalat, activism, etc. Legal education can highlight problems within the system as well as provide a way for redressing its inadequacies that can be supported by legitimate justifications, something that a layman may be unable to do. 

  • Challenging Field: 

Hard work is expected of lawyers in this profession. Only those who are of the best caliber will emerge as successful lawyers without compromising on quality due to the challenges thrown by the field. 

  • Global Interaction: 

A career in international law opens up doors to international organizations like the United Nations and Amnesty International as well as a career in international corporate firms that facilitate global interaction. 

  • A Responsible Job:

Regardless of whether the world is a better or worse place, lawyers have the power to change it. Those who are oppressed have the option of standing up for the oppressed or standing with the oppressors. It is a weighty responsibility and one that should not be taken lightly.

  • A Chance To Touch A Life:

One of the most promising aspects of having a career in law is that they get to taste the life of their client. They can connect to them on both personal and professional levels. They get to meet the real side of their client. Thus, it is a fulfilling profession that essentially revolves around humanity.

  • Societal Status: 

A career in law ensures financial stability and professional dignity. The legal profession is greatly appreciated owing to its social obligation and applicability.

This article was intended to clear the idea in the mind of the reader that going for law can be an attractive profession choice.

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