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Clat Mock Test– Under the revised pattern of the CLAT exam 2022, CLAT has become a test of reading and analytical skills. The comprehensive preparation of all subjects has become all the more vital now. The skills which the consortium is expecting from a student attempting CLAT are largely going to come from attempting mock exams. In order to clear the mock tests, one has to undergo the process of attempting multiple mocks and sample papers. 

Taking CLAT mock tests is an essential step in preparation for the exam, and their importance should be understood and emphasized in one’s mind. In light of the necessity of mock tests, one is likely to have a lot of questions. These questions include when to implement the mock tests, how many mock tests will suffice, and how to assess the results after they are completed. This article aims to give elaborative, all-inclusive, and thorough answers to those questions. 

Why should I solve CLAT 2022 mock tests?

Everything we do is practice for something greater than where we currently are. Practice only makes for improvement. – Les Brown.

To understand any exam it is crucial to first study through its syllabus, its previous years’ question papers, and then the mock tests. You’ll have to solve a lot of CLAT exam mock tests to ace the CLAT exam. Reading basic books, buying standard books, looking through the pages to understand the tricks, subscribing to newspapers and magazines, and then not signing up for CLAT mock tests, turns all that you’ve read and absorbed so far into a futile exercise. It’s a half-done job. It isn’t going to hold any relevance in your preparation if it isn’t accompanied by solving mock tests. Your preparation in its entirety will be completed only when you start taking mock tests. A lot of your shortcomings, tangible or intangible will be fixed while practicing the mock tests and hence, you won’t have to struggle on the eve of exams. There are many inherent benefits of solving CLAT exams. Some of them are discussed below. 

  1. By solving mock tests while keeping a timer on, one can experience the ambiance of an exam and hence, can prepare you for the same. It’ll ease exam anxiety on the day of the exam. 
  2. If time management is an issue, it’ll come to the surface and one will be able to solve it. 
  3. No two species inhabit the same niche in the environment, just as no two students can have the same strategy. While one may prefer to attempt logical reasoning first in the exam, another may prefer to solve the quantitative technique first. This understanding comes from solving CLAT mock tests. What works for one, may not necessarily work for the other. Mock tests help you come up with the exam strategy which suits you the best for you.  
  4. One of the neglected benefits of mock tests is that it helps you handle the pressure. You may feel a little less anxious on the day of the exam. 
  5. The mock tests that come with the answer sheets tops. When one is done with evaluating their performance in mocks. They can start by reading the explanations on the answer sheet. This will also help in revision and adding new insights to your notes.

How to prepare for CLAT with mock tests?

Now, when it comes to CLAT preparation with mock tests, candidates may divide their strategy into the following sections.

  1. Attempt a CLAT mock test in exam-like conditions- like the timer on and not taking breaks between the mocks
  2. Calculate your marks with complete honesty and transparency
  3. Evaluating performance on the basis of the CLAT marking scheme only
  4. Fixing the shortcomings and working on the improvement

Attempting CLAT mock test

It is crucial to solving mock tests from different sources for diversity in preparation and understanding. At the beginning of the exam, one can start by solving one test daily, and by the end of the preparation, one can increase the pace. A candidate should solve both sectional mock tests and full-length mock tests from time to time, in an exam-like condition without taking any breaks. 

Calculating marks

Self-analysis is imperative. Mock tests are primarily concerned with monitoring performance and eliminating shortcomings. It is not a wise idea to disregard the test and accept the marks. As a rule, it is better to evaluate performance section-by-section. 

Self-evaluating the mock tests will help you identify your weaknesses. A weakness may be related to time management or a lack of knowledge of some questions altogether. 

The best part of CLAT preparation with mock tests is that you can cover the loopholes without being disqualified. 

It is recommended that candidates should try to note down the issues one by one. And, cover them before exam day. 

Last week’s preparation tips for CLAT 2022 with mock test

It is recommended to start taking CLAT mock tests during the last week of CLAT preparation, which means you should have taken at least 21 full-length mock tests by the time you appear for the national-level law entrance exam. In the stipulated time, these tests would help candidates improve their thinking and reaction skills. 


In case you did not receive a favorable score, cover your loopholes without looking back and forth. Keep your cool and trust in your strengths. Revise the topics and do not read anything newly published.


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