How to Prepare for CLAT 2022

How to Prepare for CLAT– CLAT is one of the most prestigious law exams that a student can appear for and clearing it is no cakewalk. The exam is extremely challenging and requires students to be well prepared and to have the right mindset. With the CLAT (Common Law Admission Test) round the corner, students face the dilemma of choosing the right set of books to prepare, and how to start preparing for CLAT. It is with the intent of providing an insight into the books which are most recommended by the students and the experts that we have drafted this article. We have also tried to highlight some of the facts which will help you in deciding the books to be read for CLAT preparation.

Previously, we discussed the most common mistakes students make and offered solutions to the same in one of our previous blogs. 

In this blog, we’ll provide you with some tips that will help you with your preparations. 

These CLAT preparation tips will make your journey to your dream NLU easy.

Let us begin our planning by understanding a few basics revolving around CLAT.


Exam Name  Common-Law Admission Test (CLAT)
Stream Law
Exam Level National
Conducting Body  The Consortium of NLUs(National Law Universities)
Exam Type CLAT UG: For Undergraduate courses
CLAT PG: For Post Graduate Courses
Exam Frequency  Once a year
Exam Mode Offline
Exam Medium English
No. of Sections  CLAT UG: 5


Exam Duration Two Hours
Total Questions  CLAT UG: 150

CLAT PG: 120

Negative Marking 0.25 for every incorrect answer marked

CLAT Preparation Tips 2022:

The CLAT exam has very few things in common with your usual entrance exam. Because of its unique pattern, candidates who are used to solving problems or answering questions in the conventional entrance exam style may experience difficulty. This CLAT 2022 preparation tips blog will cover all you need to know about the CLAT exam.

  1. Analyze your routine: A lot of us have a disturbed sleep schedule which won’t be effective in the long run for this preparation. CLAT exam 2022 tests the reading and comprehension skills of a person which require absolute attention and focus. It’s crucial to set up a routine before preparing for this exam. It is advisable to have a reasonable amount of sleep and not to immediately start waking up early just for the sake of waking up early and then feeling fatigued all day long. A comfortable 6-8 hours of sleep at night and then waking up somewhere between 6 AM and 7 AM will suffice. 
  1. Make a schedule: Once you’re done fixing your routine. Make a schedule plan. Divide your hours according to your productivity and routine. Take time out for some rest and a breather as well. 

While making schedules, one must keep in mind that it shouldn’t take a toll on their day and their mind. 

Try to plan a simpler day and be realistic. Do not set unrealistic expectations for your day. They’ll end up being nothing but unreachable. So, try to be as real and true as you can with your preparation. Self-assessment is imperative in CLAT preparation. 

  1. Learn about Syllabus: The most significant step in your CLAT preparation tips is to familiarize yourself with the syllabus. It is very essential to understand the syllabus. There is a lot to gain from CLAT preparation but it is the time that is at stake. If you do not familiarize yourself with the syllabus, you’ll end up reading a lot of unnecessary things which the exam is not even asking. 

Only by studying the syllabus thoroughly can one understand the exam pattern and then develop an understanding of the CLAT exam itself. 

  1. Make a booklist: Research the best books for CLAT exams and make a list out of them. The real work starts after making the list and that is to follow the same booklist religiously without getting distracted, throughout the year, when you are having so many resources at your end. Just one credible standard book will be enough to fetch you marks in your exams. 
  1. Analysis of Previous year’s questions: Supplementing your understanding of the syllabus with previous year’s questions will help you in your journey of CLAT preparation tremendously. By going through the previous year’s question papers you can form a perspective about exam patterns and that perspective will help you sail through this ocean named CLAT exam. 
  1. Evaluate: It is crucial to recognize your strengths and weaknesses. That will help you bridge the gap between what should be done and what is being done. Knowing your pitfall is as important as knowing your strong suit so that you can implement the right strategy needed to crack the CLAT exam. 

Now that we have formed a basic understanding of the CLAT exam and have followed the CLAT preparation tips as well, let us now move to the Best book for the CLAT exam.

Best books for CLAT exams 2022:


The candidate may follow the CLAT preparation books listed below for a specific section.

  1. CLAT Books For the English Language

General English S.P. Bakshi
Objective General English Dr. RS Aggarwal
Word Power Made Easy Norman Lewis
High School English Grammar and Composition Wren & Martin
  1. CLAT GK Books

Competition Success Review Pratiyogita Darpan
Manorama Yearbook Manorama
General Knowledge                  Lucent Publication
  1. CLAT Books For Logical Reasoning

Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning R.S. Aggarwal
Logical Reasoning Arun Sharma
Analytical Reasoning M. K. Pandey
  1. CLAT Books for Quantitative Techniques


Data interpretation R.S Aggarwal
Elementary Mathematics with Numerical Ability Prateek Jain
Magical Book on Quicker Maths M Tyra
Quantitative Aptitude R.S Aggarwal
  1. Legal Aptitude Books for CLAT

Legal Awareness and Legal Reasoning Pearson 
Legal Aptitude and Legal Reasoning A P Bhardwaj
Objective Legal Aptitude  R.S Aggarwal

One must abide by any one of these books and follow it only till the end of their CLAT preparation

Now let us move on to our next topic which is about how to plan our syllabus in line with the weightage of each section of the CLAT exam

The syllabus comprises 5 sections. Each answer marked correctly will be rewarded with 1 mark and each answer marked wrong will lead to a deduction of 0.25 marks. Keeping the presence of negative marking, the candidate should mark answers both consciously and meticulously.

Below is a list of sections and their respective weightage in the CLAT exam

English Language 28-32 (20% of the paper)
Quantitative Aptitude 13-17 (10% of the paper)
Logical Reasoning 28-32 (20% of the paper)
General Awareness 35-39 (25% of the paper)
Legal Aptitude 35-39 (25% of the paper)


As we can figure out by looking at the list that a lot of weightage is given to a section on General Awareness and Legal Aptitude. It is advisable that one must start their CLAT preparation with these two sections and then continue with English and logical reasoning. Since Quantitative techniques are the least one in the weightage list, they can be prepared at the last. 

But, each section should be given equal attention as even a single mark can make a big difference in the selection of the college of your choice.

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